My mind is empty as I look out into the vast blue sea before me.
Its shade a few degrees deeper than the blue of dusk.
There is a light breeze that gently flows over my face, carrying your scent with it.

For a moment that is eternity, I have found peace.


What do we know? How do we know it? Why do we need to know?
We are curious animals. We think. We wonder. We imagine.
Colours are exciting, the unknown even more.
We look for things only when need to know, but we acquire what we desire.
It is self-destructive, it is self-healing
It is what it is.


There is a war in the West, a solitary David against a time-tested Goliath. David’s faith lies in the common man as his peers are the statues of justice – blind and deaf in the name of “the law”. The common man appreciates his courage in the face of adversity, and they show their support in the only way that they can – dissent, marching across the country, social media posts and discussions at home. They know that things need to be removed, to be changed, to be created.

There is a battle at home; a battle much more real, a little closer to the heart. We won, we learned from it, but we are tired. We look happy that it is over, but now we assess what needs to be done – to be removed, to be changed, to be created.


A perfectly ruined thing

A perfectly ruined thing is frustrating;
it seems too ruined to be fixed.
But look, here’s a crack that can be salvaged!
Aha! So there is just some hope left.


Closure is a myth

Closure is a myth,
Healing takes time.
My body remembers,
Even if my brain forgot

Memories are vague,
But the pain remains.


storm in my chest

Storm in my chest
Thunder in my head
Rain in my eyes
Darkness on my bed

Light in my chest
Clarity in my head
Peace in my eyes
Sunlight on my bed


is god watching the world burn?

No, not really. Just stepped out to grab a snack.
Be right back!