I think I know why god needs to exist. 

First, I need to clarify this – I don’t know if I’m religious or not. I don’t know if I believe that god exists. I don’t know if god exists. To many, this will sound strange, because “hey! how can you question his/her/its (non) existence?!” Yes, I visit places of worship; I wear trinkets and armbands and wristbands that are supposed to ward off evil spirits. I wear them to keep my mother happy, and I visit temples to give my mind and soul some peace – repeated chanting of words from an ancient, unknown, yet familiar language puts my “thinking factory” in a comfortable snooze-mode. I also think that bowing one’s head to a stone carved in the likeness of a human figure instills a supreme sense of humility. At least, that is my belief.

Coming back to why I’m writing this post: In the past couple of months I have witnessed (and on rare occasions been part of) many conversations about inequality, unfair bosses, intolerant mother-in-laws, racist and homophobic individuals…the list goes on. At the conclusion of all of these conversations, I hear a common refrain “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.” :

  1.  He raped and killed that girl, and was not punished because his father is *name of famous/powerful personality*? “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.”
  2. She bitched about you to him, and now your relationship with him is ruined? “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.”
  3. You were duped into investing in that financial scheme? “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.”
  4. He orchestrated a genocide, and was granted asylum in *name of country*?  “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.”
  5. That minister earned *amount of money* in that scam?  “God is watching all of this, he will do justice. You just leave it to him.”

This is why god needs to exist: To fulfill our sense of justice. To console ourselves with the fact that we can get our revenge, whether in this lifetime or some other. That god is the parent of all the adults who should be taking care of our world, but have no idea how to do it – so god will do it. Need a good role model for your children? Why do it yourself? God is there, na?

This is where we need to change. We need to stop depending on god for the solutions to our problems. We need to do it on our own. 


The recent ruling by the Supreme Court of India, overturning the decision to decriminalize homosexuality has unleashed a range of emotions, opinions and reactions.

Being a spectator (and on the rare occasion an active member) of some of these debates on facebook, has forced me to really think about my views on this issue. So here goes:

I do not agree with the views of the SC. That is for certain. I feel that infringes on the basic rights of an individual. Sex is an expression of love. One of (if not the most) the personal expressions of love.  If one wishes to express their love to anyone, irrespective of gender,creed, or race, I expect that they can do it without having to worry about whether they will be sentenced to prison, and whether they will have to ‘suffer’ the consequences for the rest of their lives. No one can tell anybody else who they can or cannot love.

I just read a post on facebook of an openly gay man describing his life in India. My heart sank lower as I read further. My soul hurts. Why, you ask? Because this man is pleading for goodwill and tolerance. Pleading. Is this what we, as a society, have reduced ourselves to? Must another human being implore to his fellow men and women to accept him, to treat him humanely just because he/she is different from the majority? How can you justify this?

Do not quote religion, fools.  No religion, no matter how obscure, how old, how new, or how popular, will ever tell you to make a human being beg you for humanity, for kindness. If you believe that all humans were created by God, and that everything happens for a reason, then aren’t those of the LGBT community also God’s creations? That they exist for a reason? They do not exist to be persecuted against. They do not exist to show everyone else what sin is. If I’ve got my facts right, there are daemons to show humanity that evil exists in our universe. LGBT’s are human beings too. They are not re-incarnations of the Devil, or any of his minions.

Do not tell me how it is “against nature”. There is scientific evidence of homosexuality in animals. Just google it.
Do not tell me that we cannot compare ourselves to animals, because we are of a “higher species”. That just reeks of ignorance. Human beings are also mammals. Enough said.

It is not a disease of the body, the mind, or the soul. Homosexuality just is.

Another thing that really ticks me off – closet haters. These individuals will pretend to be okay with the LGBT community in discussions or debates and on public forums. However, when they come across a member of this community, their facade drops – they have the same attitude and mindset as a sarpanch  of the khap panchayat. That disgusts me. 

I would like to quote a part of his post here:

“… what matters is where we draw our strength from, who our friends are, what kind of conversations we grow up around especially with family. Please, for the love of this absolutely beautiful universe, think before you speak against minorities. Think of how words destroy self-esteem, and lives. Think about your attitude. If it doesn’t reflect compassion, love and kindness, it isn’t right. Support your gay friends. Please help your gay friends, not by being cheesy and stereotypical, but by treating them as everyday equals. You have no idea about how painful and difficult coming out of a closet can be. You shed an entire double life. Think about it.“*

Everyone should accept homosexuality. Accept it as an inevitable part of this world. Our world. Make your peace with it, and make your life, as well as the lives of those around you easier. Isn’t there enough hate and discrimination already? Do we really need something as natural as homosexuality added to the list?