The election season in India is really bringing out best of our society. Really.

You see their grossly inflated heads (matching the size of their ego,finally!) smeared across all news channels. Each of these channels claim to be the best;the most accurate news deliverers since the dawn of time. Of course they are, when they use the same “panel of experts” for debates/discussions about the same topics. Each expert telling me the same thing on every channel. Again. And again. And again. I FREAKING GET IT!

You see statistics used in spaces meant for advertisements of the latest consumer products. (Whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned exaggerated hair flips, photoshopped smiles and larger-than-life family events? *sigh*)

*Apologies for the digression.*

Our politicians are clearly more concerned about getting to a seat of power,than addressing the myriad issues that plague our society. They yell and shout and beat their drums about what is wrong with the current government,what is wrong with the netas of our country. I hear them talk about what the country needs,and what the citizens have not been provided.

Why don’t I ever hear them telling me what they will do to change it? Why won’t they tell me their plans that are responsible for securing my future?

The AAP tried,and failed. They promised so much,but went about it the wrong way. They mocked our judicial system, our constitution, and showed millions of young Indians that “populist anarchy” (our President put it so aptly!) is the way to go. That is not how this works.

It is hurtful and infuriating to see someone disregard a system that had been put together (by our forefathers) with so much thought,and hope for our future. A system that would have worked so well, had we learned how to use it for the benfit of everyone, not just the ruling class. By disrespecting the system, you are telling me that there is no hope. Which is a lie.

There is always hope for the better. 



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