Here’s what I really enjoy:

1. The sound of crisp paper unfolding, when there is complete silence.

2. The sound of a cigarette burning, when one takes a drag.

3. The sound of “policemen shoes” on a smooth, tiled surface.

4. The rare satellite (that tries so hard to be a star) streaking across the night sky.

5. The wind blowing through my hair as I sit, contemplating (about life and other things) on the terrace.

6. Coming home after a hard day to complete tranquility.

7. Reading for hours.

9. Watching a movie that will allow me to indulge in “willing suspension of disbelief” shamelessly.

10. Listening to a pure British accent.

11. ¬†Watching movies or shows having characters with ‘shades of grey’, and trying to figure them out.

12. Music that exactly reflects my emotions and my mood.

13. Listening to intelligent conversations.

14. Listening to conversations that do not involve judgement.

15. Hot, crispy Indian snacks while the rain slaps against my window.

16. A long walk, alone, in a relatively strange, crowded place, with a cold wind blowing.

17. The silence of a library.

18. The smell of vanilla from ancient pages.

19. The satisfaction of reading a fucking amazing book, one that refuses to let me think about anything else for days afterward.


*This list may be updated.

**This list is not in order of preference