She studied his face, so serene in slumber, closely.

He was handsome, though she wasn’t sure if she felt that because she was blinded by love.


She took a sharp breath. The word kept ringing through all the corners and curves of her mind. Is it really love? How could she…?Wait, what?

She eased out of the bed, walked to the door, and headed out to the terrace. The night was dark, and the few streetlights below provided enough visibility for her to navigate to her ‘spot’. She sat down, and looked up to the sky, putting a cigarette to her lips. She took a long drag, and enjoyed the cloud coursing through her chest. She exhaled slowly, her eyes focused on the myriad twists and turns of the smoke in the clean night air. How aptly it portrayed her current state of mind!

There were too many thoughts, too many questions. She thought the cigarette would help calm her down – but that was not to be. She sighed. She was thinking too much, she knew that. She knew that it was okay to feel this way, that she should embrace this feeling, that she shouldn’t deny it. Thankfully, she had no bad experiences in the past,  so she had no reason to panic. It was going to be okay. Or will it? She cursed violently. She was tired of feeling this way, and she just wanted it to stop, but it was like her mind was another person, a stubborn child that refused to listen to her.

She heard a slight rustle behind her, and saw him standing there, in his black vest and grey boxer shorts, hands in his pockets, his stance, relaxed. His hair fell over his eyes ever so slightly, making them look like deep, infinite pools of black. He had a crescent smile, one that reminded her of a lazy Sunday morning.
He crouched down behind her, and pulled her to him. His arms wrapped around her, and he nestled his face in her thick, dark hair. “Hi”, he whispered.

Her mind was silent, her heart skipped a beat. She snuggled into him, and smiled. “Hey”, she replied, as the rising sun illuminated the color around them.