My grandmother.

The emotions I feel for her, I cannot put it into words. There is so much I learned from her, in such a short span of time that I..I’m at a loss for words. I’ll try my best to put my down my thoughts clearly.

She taught me how to respect animals and plants, that every creature alive deserved that much love. She was the only person in this universe who could cook better than the chefs at a high-class restaurant, and I think that was because we could taste her love in those dishes. She knew how to celebrate festivals with a limited budget. She knew how to keep us happy. She was probably the only one who understood my relationship with my father. I know that she knew.

She was more open-minded than most of her age, yet she never allowed me to forget that I am an “Indian girl”. She had a sense of humor that wasn’t something special, but she knew when to use it. She had a good measure of common sense, and a beautiful smile.

She was a strong woman, and exercised tough love freely. I’m glad that she did, otherwise (I think), my mother and I will not be the women we are today. She would love abundantly, and chastise with equal measure. She taught me humility, without sacrificing my self-respect. She taught me how to interact with other members of our society. She taught me the importance of faith, and of hope.

She taught me the importance of hope.