There are those who see the world with slightly more shades of grey, than others.
The colors are not as bright.
The sun may be shining, but it’s cold.
The breeze ruffling their hair maybe a touch stronger than what is described in those beautiful, happy novels – these are devoured with a fervor matched only by sports fans during a match between two bitter rivals.
The breeze flowing on their skin maybe a touch weaker than those seen in romantic, candy-floss, improbable movies – these are  enjoyed secretly with a hot cup of coffee, and a mind temporarily free of troubles.

There are those who believe the world to be darker than they are told. They are the first to notice the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes, the hints of lines of worry across your forehead. They are the first to notice the pain in your soul, because they identify a kindred spirit with a much greater ease than the rest. They know what to say to cheer you up, because they have comforted themselves with the same words, the same tone, before.

There are those who know the value of a smile, because it is just so difficult for them.

They  see beyond the lust for all things that glitter, the lust for all things gold. They see beyond the spiritual, they see beyond the religions.

These who are darker, are not pessimists; neither are they realists – they have the tendency to occasionally soak their heads in the clouds (a luxury that their minds can rarely afford). They are not unhappy, perhaps they feel uneasy.

They see…they see the intangible that is peace, tranquility.

This is what they lust for.