Money is a substitute for everything.

A recent controversy in the family has really opened up my eyes about what really runs the world – money. Yes, yes I know that I am quite late to the party, but I never really believed it.

These small, rectangular pieces have warped our thinking  that now relationships between friends and family are determined by the amount of money spent on each other.

The more money spent = the more they care about you.

It doesn’t matter if you have helped the other out in other ways, ways that do not involve a monetary transaction. What only matters is that there was money spent by one party, for the other, and for that, the former is indebted to the latter. For life.

Now, many will argue that money is necessary to live in this day and age, and it has been for a very long time. Hence, loaning money to someone is just a way of helping them live a more comfortable life. I do not disagree.

However, if you are going to give money to someone, it is because you could afford it, and because you wanted to. It wasn’t forced upon you to give them the money. The choice was yours. You cannot expect to be respected only for the amount of money you spend.  There is more to life than that.


Tell me a story.
Any story.
Your story.

Tell me, what is it that draws me to you? What draws you to me?

Is it a smile? An offhand remark that struck you like lightening?
The reminiscent smirk as we re-live our wild days together.
The excitement as we share our fascination for science.
That we respect our deep-rooted culture, but refuse to be ruled by it.
That you’re strong, and I wish I could be.
That you learned to break free, but I’m still trying.

The fact that I’m such a girl. That you’re such a boy.

That is our story.