“This cannot be real Maya. Life cannot continue forever. Nothing lasts forever.”
“You’re wrong, Nirvaan. This…this…thing here can make us last forever.”

‘Thing’ was the best way to describe it. It was nothing like they had ever seen before. And it smelled DELICIOUS.  The kind of scent one could only imagine, never describe.

Nirvaan looked at her with curiosity, his eyes glistened with fear. Maya had scooped up as much as she could in her hands, and poured it into her mouth. His brow furrowed – Maya was changing. Her hair was glossier, eyes sparkling, skin glowing – it seemed like someone was photoshopping her to perfection right before his eyes.

Maya looked at Nirvaan with hope and defiance. He was always the scared one,  she thought. But wait, – something wasn’t right with him. He was…he was…was it ageing? That’s impossible! How could that be?! It was like something was photoshopping him to dereliction right before her eyes.

In a split second, Nirvaan, now feeble and shriveled, collapsed to the ground. Maya ran over to him and held him in her arms.
“This is why I’m cautious, not scared.” Even his thoughts were a whisper.
Maya smiled slightly through her tears. “I can never keep anything from you,” she thought.
“I’ve got to go now”, he whispered. “I’ll see you when you’re ready. Good bye.”
And with that, for the first time in her existence, Maya was alone.

Years passed by like minutes, and Maya learned to live by herself. Over time, she experienced birth, death, love, and loss with the sense of having played the same record over and over and over again. The world had lost its flavour, the sights and sounds were now all chrome and futuristic.

It was only in her sleep that she felt alive. She lived in another world, in her dreams. A world so similar to the one that she and Nirvaan had created as children. The perpetually setting sun, juxtaposed by the perpetually rising moon on the opposite ends of the horizon.
There were friendly, miniature dinosaurs that zoomed through the purple-red sky, and lumbered through the grassy, blue streets on the ground. The waters from the fountains had no taste, but were much better than any synthetic drink that science had to offer. The trees grew food that tasted like candy. This was Wonderland, and she was Alice.

Then there was him. The man just a few meters away from her. No matter how much she walked towards him, he still stayed that same distance away from her. It frustrated her sometimes, that she could never meet him, but she was always aware of his soothing presence.

One beautiful, sunny afternoon of May, Maya decided that she was ready. She consumed a complete bottle of matt-white pills and washed it down with a clear violet drink.
As she drifted out of consciousness, she drifted into her Wonderland.

This time however, there was a difference. The man walked towards her, slowly and steadily. She could now distinguish his features and she experienced a happiness like never before.

It was Nirvaan!

She cried and laughed and hugged him and kissed him.

Welcome to Heaven, Maya. I hope you like it here, just as much as I do


It’s the first day to a new year, a marker for another successful revolution of our tiny rock around a massive gaseous thermonuclear reactor.

Just yesterday, a friend ask me, “Why celebrate? It’s jut another year?” to which my response was “New year = new hope”


I had been thinking along much the same lines as him in the last few weeks. I must admit, it had been extremely difficult for me in the last two months, and it has fueled this thought-process:
A new calendar year has begun, but I can for see no change in my immediate future – work begins on Monday, the house and the family remains the same, I need to start thinking about financial security for my own well-being. It’s the same as 2015 and 2014 and 2013. I’m sure it is the same for most of Millennials as well.

I, unlike so many others, cannot forget these for just one night. I would find it so much more relaxing and celebratory if all (or at least most) that I wanted to complete were accomplished.

Perhaps, this year, I’ll celebrate my achievements like it is the first day of a new year – and then blog about it :p

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year! I’ll leave you with this recording of the first spacewalk:

Hopefully this serves as a reminder of the badassery of which we are capable as a species.
Hopefully this year we will embrace differences, because the quirks of individuals make us unique as a society.