She stood on the top of her world, surveying the seemingly never-ending expanse of white below her. The quiet enveloped her like a warm blanket that protects a child from the terrors of the dark. Her breath was even, her heart-rate: mellow. The thoughts in her head had settled down to a comfortable white noise. Her soul was at peace.

The last few days had been stressful, yet it was a stress that she enjoyed, that she wished she could continue for long, but knew she couldn’t She needed to be alone, to gather her thoughts, to be in her own space, her own universe.

She quickly gathered her thoughts back to her white space. The cold and quiet seemed so comfortable, that she wanted to just remain there, in her mind, not interacting with anyone else. The universe was her construct.

Alas, she heard someone call her name, far off in the distance. She tried to ignore it, but it was consistent, like a siren. She sighed, and reluctantly opened her eyes to the dull browns and greens beyond her window. She was back in God’s universe.

He called out to her again and she turned towards him.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, and I would like to blame that on lack of inspiration, but the wouldn’t be completely true. There have been so many things that would, in another time, have got me furiously typing away at that very instant.

But, alas, I’ve lost my need to put my thoughts on paper. I’ve gone back to the old me where my mind is now my file cabinet for all my thoughts – big, small, black, white, and the oh-so-familiar grey. Hello, old friends.

I’ll try and change that soon. Until then, readers, bear with me.