The door seemed like any other, but the bouncers around it were slightly intimidating. I was convinced that I had to get my DL out, after catching sight of the bright red slash across the term ‘MINORS’. It’s no secret that I’ve seemed to have discovered the secret of decelerated aging. At 40, that would have been fan-effing-tastic. At 26? Not so much.

Our entry was eventful (one of us had to go back and stash the quarters discovered), and I moved around the venue, following her lead. I felt tired, but I did need to do something apart from work. Why not go clubbing? I had thought,  it was fun the last time I did it. (Never mind that it was a little over 8 years ago) Clubbing’s still the same, right?

It was an interesting experience, I’ll give you that. Switching from karaoke to dancing to smoke break to karaoke to ending the night with dancing ( inclusive of the drunk interrupters and tripped out wall-flies) I could add this onto my list of experiences that makes me a more worldly individual.

Do I sound bored? I was, to tell you the truth. I did have fun dancing, and watching other people ‘sing for the moment’, but I was bored.*

I felt a whole lot better at our ‘after-party’ at home with a pot of smouldering, flavoured sheesha and conversations that included gossip, a healthy dose of ‘leg-pulling’ and moments where we had to sit back and say “whoa, that was deep”.

I guess this means I’m an introvert? A hypothesis that is increasingly being proven as a fact through evidence such as the one documented above.


*Do you think the sentence makes no sense? It has been acknowledged by the author. However, it still doesn’t change that fact that is exactly how she felt.