​He slid down the crater and walked briskly up to the SoloPod. It was still steaming from the impact, its smooth texture marred by the rough terrain. He thanked the deities of Old for providing him with another familiar lifeform, that too one of his own!

He could barely contain his excitement – another had survived! He remembered the desperation as he commandeered the tiny craft away from A.D.A.M. The despair when his sensors informed him of his ship and its crew’s demise into the swirling storms of the Gas Giant. The loneliness when he stepped on to the cold, dark, strange planet. The fear of the unfamiliar. 

The Pod opened to reveal her form, luckily unharmed. She instinctively turned away from the bright light that flooded the interior of the Pod, but all he could see was how it reflected off her silken hair.

She turned toward the door and slowly opened her eyes to see him standing there – motionless and without expression. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she could see that he was like her, and the faded symbol over his chest indicated that he was from A.D.A.M. *So they had survived*, she thought.  

She got out of the Pod, and turned to face him, “I’m C-854. My ship, E.V.E. lost control and crashed into the Gas Giant. I am the sole survivor. If you take me to the Captain of A.D.A.M. I will appraise him of the situation.” 

She stared at him intently, while he gathered his thoughts. It had been a while since he heard his own tongue, and the words came out in a rough tumble as he explained his own situation to her. As he spoke, he could see her eyes change, as she realized that she is now bound to Eden, like him.

She watched him silently, as he spoke in a strange dialect of her language. She also noticed the changes in him, each subtle, yet apparent as a whole. She was curious about her new home (she surprised herself with how quickly she came to terms with it) and was eager to explore. What was it that made him so? Was it the air? The water? Or that red fruit hanging on the tree over there? She waited for him to finish, then silently took his hand in hers, and turned away from the Pod. 

“Lead the way”, she said to him and smiled. 

His heart skipped a beat as they walked towards their future.