There are several memes/images online that ask “if you could go back X years from now, what would you tell yourself? ” to which hundreds or even thousands of people would respond with such definitive answers –  so sure of themselves. 

I’ve tried my hardest to think up of something witty or meaningful or even something that would help me out then. Honestly, however, there’s nothing that I can say, because…because well, it’s futile. No matter how much I reassure myself, my mind would still think the way it does, I’ll probably make the same mistakes, feel the same way and still end up as I am. 

The one thing I would still try and tell myself, (and sometimes I wish I could tell my students too) is that grades don’t matter. Your rank in an exam don’t matter. Sure, it will give you that boost of confidence, and also bragging rights, but God, it is useless. You’d still get those college degrees, you’d still be good at your job, still have a life. Those ranks and grades are pointless source of stress. 

Teenage me wouldn’t have believed time-traveler me, but hey, at least I tried.