I’m sitting outside on a rickety chair that fits perfectly to my small frame.

It is nice to sit in the silence of never-ending shades of green and brown. Nature is definitely serene.

This verdant expanse is interrupted by the appearance of a white-with-black bird that almost looks like a stork – but it isn’t. Seemingly oblivious to my curious eyes, it goes about rummaging through the short grass just a few meters ahead of me.

My concentration on the bird is broken by the appearance of a butterfly, that (for the first time in my life) I thought was beautiful. It flits and flirts with all the leaves around my living arrangements, along with my overwhelming desire to touch its beautiful cyan-and-black wings.

My heart thanks me for the respite from the never-ending stream of information that is the city, and most of my brain agrees, but there is still a part that reminds me that we need to get back to work.