I credit this government with one thing that they have unfailingly accomplished: that whatever they set their mind to, they will do it. ‘By hook, or by crook’ as they say.

The problem arises when they focus on (what I feel) are things that do not ease our current burdens. This is an emotional, religiously entangled leadership that chooses sections of sacred texts and ‘popular vote’ to do what it feels is best for Hindustan.

The government is smart – it knows that to remain in power, it is not economic or social progress that needs to be made, but religious progress. The kind of religious utopia that Lord Ram created for his subjects at the cost of Sita’s happiness, and arguably her dignity.

Our women. They can be cat-called, touched, pinched, groped, and assaulted. This is just ‘men being men’. This is just ‘women not taking care of themselves.’ This is not due to the government’s apathy. “No, No, How Can You Say That?” The government that launched ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’? The government that launched economic schemes only for its female citizens? Impossible! This is just the fault of men. Deranged men. FRUSTRATED MEN. Not the government who is working so hard to make sure that its citizens have all the benefits through government schemes.

This government began its tenure with many schemes that promised a better life for those who are not economically well off, for those who were socially disregarded – after all only a chaiwalla will understand the pain and suffering that is growing up poor. Soon, many schemes started to show cracks, then fail. However, the message from the government is clear: “We are doing the right thing. This thing is working. All evidence shown to the contrary is objectionable, questionable, or outright false.”
It doesn’t matter that the evidence came from autonomous agencies of the government. It did not matter that the evidence came from international agencies that steadily drop India’s rankings in various indices that measure sustainable growth. The government is the one and only true source of government information.

So we now have a new idea for Hindustan on our hands – the benevolent savior of those religiously oppressed. After all, we successfully lifted ourselves from the economic backward-ness that was our life before the incumbents. Why not extend that to those who truly matter – our fellow non-Islamic brethren?

Let us rejoice at the steadfastness of our government, while our fellow countrymen burn. History teaches us that change is never easy, but always works for the better. What is the life of a few hundreds, a few thousands, when crores of people benefit? Years from now, as proud Hindus, we will thank the foresight of our leaders and pooh-pooh at the detractors. We just have to wait for all this suffering to be declared ‘correct’.