Chaos, uncertainty and fear reign supreme.

This virus has forced everyone – everyone – to rethink and reassess their priorities and lives.
 Chaos of a daily routine upended.
 Uncertainty reinforced by contradictory rumors (all true, of course!).
 Fear masked as paranoia masquerading as vigilance – this is the “new normal”.

From the comfort of my home, I am unaffected. My own cocoon has troubles enough of its own – the smouldering storm outside seems trivial to the unyielding  and undesirable transformation forced upon me on a nearly daily basis.

A welcome distraction comes in the form of the laughter spawned from (s o c i a l l y d i s t a n t, naturally) gully cricket that bounces off empty roads and shuttered buildings.
Nostalgia of childhood days are relived in the comfort of one’s home – long forgotten board games, paper rockets, sets…the list is endless.

There is a disbelief of existing in a period of what will, without doubt, be studied in state-sanctioned texts – disbelief that what happened nearly 100 years ago, has resurfaced once again – old wine, new bottle.